Institute Rules and Regulations

The following acts shall be considered breach of Institute Rules and Regulations and therefore in the event of any such occurrence, the student shall be liable for disciplinary action.


  1. Verbal abuse, foul language, insults, physical or psychological threats or intimidation to other students or colleague or seniors.
  2. Theft of any assets belonging to others.
  3. Presenting false documents when applying for admission or employment or internships.
  4. Performing the assigned duties under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Indecent behavior, including gambling or quarreling in Institute campus, as well as any form of extortion and blackmailing.
  6. Refusal to obey to the teachers, supervisors and representatives.
  7.  Use of foul and inappropriate language in the work environment and Institute premises.
  8. Immoral or offensive conduct or encouragement of such conduct.
  9. Smoking in the campus.
  10. Unjustified absence and non-compliance with work/practical shift.
  11. Non-compliance with the uniform code including the name tag.
  12. Use of non-designated space for consumption of food and drink.
  13. Absence without notification of management for 3 consecutive days.
  14. Unauthorized use of Institute facilities or premises - unauthorized entry into any Institute    premises or remaining without permission in any building after normal closing hours.
  15. Possessing, using or making any key or other means of access to any Institute premises without proper authorization.
  16. Furnishing false information to any Institute’s officials.
  17. Forgery, alteration, replication, or misuse of any document, record, or identification upon which the institute relies.
  18. Failure to return or submit property or records of the Institute within the prescribed time.
  19. Failure to cooperate with the investigation, resolution and disciplinary procedures.
  20. Influencing or attempting to influence another person to go/act against institute rules and regulations.
  21. Violation of the Institute’s technology and network usage and security policy.
  22. Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other written, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  23. Taking part in any undesired affairs leading to unwanted outcome during the course of training period.
  24. Engage in the formation of groups or meetings for ulterior motives.

 Dress Code


  1. Entry into the campus without proper uniforms shall not be entertained during working days and other important occasions.
  2. All shall adhere to formal dress code at all times in the institute (kira, tego, wonju, closed black shoes, gho, lagay and gong, full socks).
  3. Name tags to be worn at all times.
  4. Neat and short hair for boys and tied hair with bun for girls.
  5. Ladies shall use minimum make-up and no bright hair colors.

Leave Procedures


  1. Students shall seek permission from Principal / Head Student Affairs / Boarding House Manager with justified reasons.
  2. In the event of students taking a medical leave, they shall get a prescription from the doctor to be produced to the authority.
  3. If parents or guardian need to take away the students when they are sick, they shall fill the leave form and take permission from the Principal / Head Student Affairs. 
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